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September 1997 No. 12
The European Association of Fisheries Economists



The future of the Association

It may seem early to reflect on this but necessary for the reasons identified by the President. It parallels current reflections by other associations related to natural resource economics like the American Agricultural Economics Association. Some of their concerns mirror ours and their conclusions worthy of consideration. The information in the succeeding paragraphs is taken from the May 1997 News-Sheet of the UK Agricultural Economics Society.

The final version of the Kellogg Report, "Visions for Agricultural Economics: Better Serving Applied Economists" has recently been published. This year-long study had the goal of recommending products and services needed by agricultural economists to better serve society in the 21st century.

Common threads emerging were:

  1. the great diversity of agricultural economists when viewed either by topic or function - the American Agricultural Economics Association did not reflect this rich diversity in its membership, products, services or governance;
  2. there was insufficient activism - the Association had not been sufficiently proactive in retaining current members or attracting new members and had seldom been the leader in identifying emerging issues, providing unbiased information, etc. to decision makers;
  3. the need for life-long learning by agricultural economists, for example in new research and teaching methods - avenues were needed whereby agricultural economists could meet this need;
  4. the profession lacks a sense of community - the academic, disciplinary emphasis of the Association had tended to alienate agricultural economists working in government and industry and those primarily teaching in colleges or providing extension services.

The full text of the report is available on the AAEA Homepage http://www.aaea.org

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