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Published twice each year             
printed version ISSN 0967 - 5795  
Free to all EAFE members              
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10 ECUs per year (including p&p)

September 1997 No. 12
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


The Bulletin of the European Association of Fisheries Economists (EAFE)

The Bulletin of EAFE is a biannual publication

Subscription Rate: The Bulletin is free to all members of EAFE. For all non-members, the annual fee is 10 ECUs/year (including postage).

Payment: Subscription fees should be paid by cheque in either ECUs or national currency to "The European Association of Fisheries Economists". Please send subscriptions to the Editor at the Secretariat (address below).

Contributions: All contributions should be in English, typed (double-spaced) and sent to the Editor. Text for feature articles should not exceed 1200 words. Articles intended for specific sections (e.g. FORUM, VIEWPOINT, etc ... ) should clearly indicate this. Photographs and other illustrations are welcome and recommended. The Editor reserves the right to revise and precis all contributions.

Editor: Vincent McEwan

Design and Layout:
Printed version, Steve & Debbie Morrall, Grafix; Email: grafix@tcp.co.uk
Web version, Ulrich Echterling; Email: ulrich_e@dds.nl

Editor's Secretariat Address:
Sea Fish Industry Authority,
18 Logie Mill, Logie Green Road, Edinburgh,
EH7 4HG, United Kingdom
Tel: 0131558 3331 Fax: 0131558 1442

Founded in 1989, the Association's membership (Full Members) consists of economists actively involved in fisheries work within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Associate Membership is open to non-economists and to individuals from non-EEA member countries.

Corporate and Student Membership are also available.

EAFE Bureau

President: Pavel Salz,
LEI-DLO, PO Box 29703,
2502 LS The Hague, The Netherlands
Tel: 3170 3308135 Fax: 3170 36156124

Ramon Franquesca,
GEM - University of Barcelona,
Avd. Diagonal 690, 08034 Barcelona, Spain.
Tel/ Fax: 34 3 217 87 34

Aaron Hatcher, CEMARE,
University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth P04 8JF
Tel: 01705 844230 Fax: 01705 844037

Henning Peter Jorgensen,
DIFER, University of South Jutland,
Niels Bohr Vej 9, 6700
Esbjerg, Denmark
Tel: 45 79 141111 Fax: 45 79 141199

J Paul Hillis, Fisheries Research Centre,
Abbotstown, Dublin 15 Ireland
Tel: 353 18210111 Fax: 353 18205078

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