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August 1999 No. 13
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


Institute News


Wil Smit, Head of the Fisheries Division of LEI and one of the founding fathers of EAFE and European fisheries economics retired in November 1998. His successor is Pavel Salz.

Various EAFE members have started their own independent consultancy firms. These include Philip Rodgers, Steve Cunningham, Joseph Catanzano, Neil McKellar and Richard Banks.

SJFI, Denmark

The Danish Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Economics (SJFI) aims to carry out research, and to give advice on agricultural and fisheries economics, both on national and international scales. The activities also include economic aspects of resource and environment management and production of industrial statistics. SJFI is a research institute under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

SJFI have traditionally concentrated on agricultural research. In 1994 work was extended to the fisheries sector with the collection and publication of account statistics for capture fisheries. It was not until 1997 that SJFI expanded into fisheries economics research with the appointment of Dr. Jørgen Løkkegaard as Director of the Fisheries Economics and Management Division. Dr. Løkkegaard has been working for the Ministry since 1980 and is currently involved in the Concerted Action initiative and the STECF of the EU. In 1998, SJFI further recruited three research assistants to cover three main categories, namely bio-economic and management model development (Jesper Levring Andersen), economic model development for the fisheries sector (Max Nielsen), and analysis of fisheries policy and management issues (Erik Lindebo).

Through conference attendance and paper presentations, project collaboration with other institutes (IME/SDU among others), and the publication of working papers and industry reports, it is expected that SJFI will rapidly expand their contribution towards fisheries economics research. It is anticipated that SJFI will further develop their research activities during the coming years.

If you wish to receive further information about the Institute and its staff, you can contact Jørgen Løkkegaard on jl@sjfi.dk or access the SJFI website on www.sjfi.dk .

Institute of Agricultural Market Research, Germany

The Institute is one of the sixteen institutes of the Federal Agricultural Research Centre (FAL) at Braunschweig-Völkenrode. The Centre itself is part of the research system, managed by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

The objectives in the field agricultural and fishery market research relate to the eco-nomic activities in the factor and product markets of the agricultural and fisheries sectors of the economy. The research programme of the Institute, therefore, ranges from description of market performance, market institutions and markets structures to quantitative supply and demand research and analyses of policy options and programmes. The scope of research activities includes national, EU, and world markets at different levels of aggregation.

Within this framework the research activities include the areas of market sector analyses, costs and earnings studies and general advisory work for the Ministry. The Institute has also been involved in a wide range of international consulting activities, including work in Namibia and Surinam. The Institute has a total staff number of 28, of which 14 are academic staff.

For further information please contact Rolf Lasch on lasch@kepler.dv.fal.de or access the Institute website through www.fal.de.

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