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August 1999 No. 13
The European Association of Fisheries Economists




Fisheries Economics Literature Study - A Study of the Coverage of Fishery Economics and Related Subjects by the International Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Database.

ASFA is an international database covering the science, technology and management of marine and freshwater environments. It is the principal product of the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System (ASFIS) which was started by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN/FAO) in 1971. Today the ASFIS/ASFA network is a collaborative network of staff in 47 aquatic libraries in 27 countries. ASFA now contains some 650,000 records, available online, on CD-ROM and in hard copy.

The Centre for Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources (CEMARE) is a collaborating centre in the ASFIS/ASFA network and prepares over 200 UK references and abstracts every year for inclusion in the ASFA database. Joan Baron, the Librarian at CEMARE has been carrying out a study, funded by the ASFA Advisory Board, to identify material, especially serials and grey literature on fisheries economics and related subjects, which is not currently monitored and captured by the ASFIS/ASFA system. The overall objective of this study is to improve the dissemination of information about the literature on fisheries economics. The study has incorporated a variety of methodologies including questionnaires, interviews and analyses of other bibliographic databases and information sources. Preliminary results highlight the fact that the grey literature on fisheries produced by predominantly social science/economics institutes and departments is not finding its way into the database.

The results of this current study are due to be presented to the ASFA Advisory Board during August 1999. If you want to make sure that details of the fisheries publications of your institute have been included, please contact Joan Baron on joan.baron@port.ac.uk, tel: (+44) 1705 844082, or fax +44 1705 844037.


LEI, together with Nautilus Consultants and Cofrepeche is starting an 18 month study on 'Economics of discarding'. Cases will be elaborated on several EU fisheries and the effectiveness of the Norwegian discard ban will be analysed.
Info: f.c.buisman@lei.dlo.nl .

A study on the 'Role, position and ambition of women in fisheries' is being undertaken at the request of Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.
Info: e.w.j.hoefnagel@lei.dlo.nl .

LEI, together with Nautilus Consultants, have recently completed a study on 'The costs and benefits of compliance with regulations in Northern EU fisheries'. The report brings together a substantial amount of empirical evidence from Holland, Denmark, Germany and the UK. It is now being prepared for publication.


At the EU level, CEDEM is involved in a FAIR research program dedicated to Bioeconomic modelling of the fisheries of the English Channel (co-ordinator: Sean Pascoe, CEMARE), and a FAIR Concerted Action on Economics and the Common Fisheries Policy (co-ordinator: Aaron Hatcher, CEMARE). The research program gave rise to the presentation of papers in Tromsø (IIFET 98), Dublin (EAFE 99) and Halifax (World conference on natural resource modelling, June 99). CEDEM organised a Concerted Action workshop in Brest in May 99.

At the national level, CEDEM is or has recently been involved in various research programs. The main one is called AMURE, an interdisciplinary research program dedicated to the study of the management of access rights to the living resources and ecosystems of the coastal sea in Northern Brittany. This program involves several research units of the University of Western Brittany and IFREMER, and is funded by IFREMER, CNRS, the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Region Brittany. It gave rise to various papers, including one presented at the EAFE conference in The Hague (1998). In 1998, CEDEM and the Fisheries Laboratory of ENSAR undertook a study for the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, dedicated to the analysis of the impact of public subsidies to the French fishing fleet.

For future years, CEDEM has submitted, jointly with other European and French research units, various research projects to the EU, the French Government and the Brittany Region. These projects mainly deal with fisheries management, aquaculture and protected marine areas.

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