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August 1999 No. 13
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


Concerted Actions

Economics and the Common Fisheries Policy

CEMARE is currently co-ordinating a Concerted Action, funded by the EU fisheries directorate, with partners from the Centre for Fisheries Economics in Bergen, Norway, the University of Brest, France and the University of Vigo, Spain. The aim of this Concerted Action is to promote an active exchange of experiences, analyses and ideas between European economists on the present and future management of Europe's marine capture fisheries through a series of international workshops.

The second of these workshops was held in Brest (France) between 5-7 May on the Definition and Allocation of Property Rights in European fisheries. In total, 25 individuals participated in the three-day workshop. These came primarily from academic institutions in Spain, France, Norway, Iceland, UK, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands, from organisations such as FAO and OECD and from the fishing industry. Professor Daniel Lane from the University of Ottawa gave a keynote presentation on the 'Applications of rights-based fisheries - experiences and consequences'. Professor Rögnvaldur Hannesson from the Centre for Fisheries Economics presented a keynote speech, entitled 'Fishing rights: their form, scope and limitation'. These, along with the papers from all participants, both theoretical and national case studies, generated substantial discussions on the issues surrounding property rights in European fisheries. The proceedings, including edited transcripts of discussions are to be published by the University of Portsmouth in early autumn this year.

The next workshop of the Concerted Action on Economics and the Common Fisheries Policy is to be held in Vigo in autumn 1999. The subject of the third workshop is to be Management Institutions and Systems of Fisheries Governance. Anyone wishing to find out more about this, and subsequent, workshops should contact the CA Project Officer, Kate Robinson on kate.robinson@port.ac.uk, tel: (+44) 1705 844091, or fax: (+44) 1705 844037.

Promotion of Common Methods for Economic Evaluation of EU fisheries

The Concerted Action has held its progress meeting in Lisbon in June 1999. The second Annual Economic Report 1999 will be available in November.
Info: p.salz@lei.dlo.nl.

European Database of Indicator Coastal Communities

The Concerted Action has held its first two meetings. Its ambition is to provide an extensive database on www on socio-economic as well as physical indicators of European coasts.
Info: oddmu@marin.ntnu.no.

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