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August 1999 No. 13
The European Association of Fisheries Economists



"Reflections of Fisheries Management - lessons from the past, options for the future". Edited by E Hoefnagel. Liber amicorum dedicated to Wil Smit, 1998. LEI publication. Full list of papers will be soon available at the LEI website.

"Overcapacity, Overcapitalisation and Subsidies in European Fisheries". Concerted Action workshop, Portsmouth, 28-30 October 1998. The proceedings of the first Concerted Action workshop are now available. The volume contains 17 papers, including keynote papers by Gordon Munro and Ragnar Arnason. Topics include experiences from a range of European and Nordic countries, theoretical treatments and European and International policy reviews. Copies may be obtained from Kate Robinson at CEMARE on kate.robinson@port.ac.uk, tel: (+44) 1705 844091, or fax: (+44) 1705 844037.

Forthcoming conference proceedings
World Conference on Natural Resource Modelling. Halifax (Canada), June 1999. Info: t.charles@stmarys.ca.
Conference on Management of Straddling, Highly Migratory Fish Stocks, and the UN Agreement. Bergen (Norway), May 1999. Info: trond.bjorndal@nhh.no.
EESFIN, multi-disciplinary research. April 1999. Info: j.phillipson@geo.hull.ac.uk.

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