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November 1999 No. 14
The European Association of Fisheries Economists




Other News


Promotion of Common Methods for Economic Assessment of EU Fisheries

The Concerted Action met in The Hague in October and produced a second Annual Economic Report, including costs and earnings information on 46 fleet segments, representing about 40% of the European fisheries. Several countries (Italy, Iceland and Sweden) are now fully covered. For many others the discussed fleet segments represent a major part of the national fishing sector.

The project has also progressed in developing a model which will help to make an Economic Interpretation of the ACFM Advice. For further information you may contact P.Salz@lei.wag-ur.nl.


Regional role of fisheries industries 

A new series of studies covering the whole EU will be completed in November 1999. They will present information of on employment and income generated by the fisheries sector in the EU's coastal regions. Many case studies demonstrate the role of fishing on local level. For further information you may contact Patrick.Salez@dg14.cec.be.


The STECF agenda of the November meeting had a large economic component:


         Terms of reference for the follow-up to MAGP IV

         Fleet segmentation useful for economic and biological purposes

         Annual economic report

         Economic interpretation of ACFM advice

         Report on workshop on User rights

         Progress of work within OECD

         Collection of economic and biological data


The European Commission is appointing several economists in order to strengthen the economic aspects of the CFP. We shall certainly hear more from them in the near future. The DG XIV name has now been replaced by DG FISH.


Fisheries Economics courses

EAFE members are encouraged to contact the Bulletin with details of available courses at their institutions, both at graduate and post-graduate levels. The Bulletin hopes to compile a list of courses that may assist students and professional researchers in their further education and training.   


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