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July 2000 No. 15
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


5th Framework Programme



Dominique Levieil of DG Fisheries presented the results of the first call of the 5th Framework Programme (Quality of Life) at the EAFE conference in Esbjerg. He highlighted the major shortcomings of last year's proposals that should be considered as we prepare for the next call with deadline of 11 October 2000. Comprehensive information is offered on the website www.cordis.lu/life/calls/200001.htm. Details of other research support (including support for research infrastructure, SME, training fellowships, training networks and accompanying measures) are also available on the website. Further information can also be attained by contacting Dominique on Dominique.LEVIEIL@cec.eu.int.



The list below outlines the major shortcomings thatoverall need to be addressed and improved upon.



Reasons for ineligibility


Late arrival of the proposal

Missing or incomplete forms

Lack of anonymity in part B

Area not open in the deadline



Scientific/technological quality and innovation


Objectives not specific

Over-ambitious or unrealistic goals

Lack on innovation and originality

No review of state of the art

Innovation not linked to programme objectives

Missing working hypotheses

Confusing presentation of work packages

Overlapping tasks, lacking integration

Deliverables unclear or insufficient





Insufficient multi-disciplinarity/integration of domains, tasks or teams

Data quality assurance and control procedures

Sampling design

No justification for model use/development

Validation of models not envisaged

Standardisation procedures

Lack of risk assessment/contingency plan



Resources, partnership and management


Too many partners with overlapping expertise

Management structure poor/overcomplicated

Partnership unbalanced, incomplete, lacking desirable partners

Roles of partners/subcontractors unclear

Insufficient time/resources for synthesis

Budget oversized relative to work and outcomes

Costs not justified

Unjustified/unbalanced budget between partners



European added value and contribution the CFP


No geographical balance

No contribution to solving European problems

European dimension not quantified

No impact on legislation, standardisation, policies (CFP)



Community social objectives


No quantified impact on quality of life

Impact on employment and development of skills

Not in the interest of consumers/citizens

No positive impact on environment



Economic development and S&T prospects


Stakeholders/end users not identified/targeted or involved

No description of way of exploitation, role of industry, potential market

No description of impact on European competitiveness

Missing commitment of industrial partner

Missing or incomplete dissemination strategy



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