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July 2000 No. 15
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


Cost and Earnings Study - Sicily



After a two-year study period, the EU DG Fisheries project examining the effects of a trawling ban in the Gulf of Castellammare, Sicily has come to an end. The project was a follow on from a similar study of the area conducted during 1993/94, the results then indicated that there had been a 7 fold increase in total species biomass. The aim of this study, therefore, was to determine how these biological increases had been transferred into economic benefits for the artisanal fishermen of the Gulf.



The results of the study are potentially very important as they give conclusive and empirical evidence of the value of this type of exclusion zone as a fishery management tool in this particular region.



Results will be presented at the IIFET Conference in July. They will also be available on the CEMARE website at www.pbs.port.ac.uk/econ/cemare.



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