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July 2000 No. 15
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


VALFEZ conference - April 2000



Fisheries Exclusion Zones Conference


Following the success of CEMARE in the recent 5th framework project run, CEMARE as coordinators of the VALFEZ project undertook the organisation of an international conference on Fisheries Exclusion Zones. The Southampton Oceanography Centre, with its long history of aquatic science and oceanography, was the venue for the conference.



The aim of the conference was to bring together experts from a range of fields to facilitate a sharing of knowledge on Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Exclusion Zones. There were very high quality presentations by the four Key speakers (Sue Gubbay, Independent, Dan Holland, Alaska Fisheries Service, Tony Charles, St Mary's University and Fabio Badalamenti, CNR-IRMA), all of whom have considerable knowledge of the field. In addition, Dominique Levieil also gave a very interesting presentation on 'how to get money from the European Commission'. Needless to say, he was very well received!



The conference was attended by more than 60 delegates from around the world, ranging from marine biologists to economists, sociologists and geneticists. In addition there were also industry representatives and fisheries managers.



The conference was managed by members of the Environment Council facilitation team, and apart from the five key papers there were no other formal presentations. Instead the conference was run in very much a participatory manner with small groups working together to tease out key knowledge in the area. The process was great fun and ran for three days. At the end of the conference the results were pulled together and will be compiled as a synthesis of current knowledge later in the year.



For more details about the conference or the VALFEZ project please contact Carl James at CEMARE, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth PO4 8JF, UK; Tel. (+44) 23 9284 4099; Fax (+44) 23 9284 4037; E-mail carl.james@port.ac.uk.



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