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July 2000 No. 15
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


Institute/Project News



University of Ancona, Italy


The group of Fisheries Economists from the University of Ancona - Agricultural Faculty - is close to completing the project "The impact of technological innovation on the employment structure of the Italian fishing industry". The project was presented during the last EAFE Conference in Esbjerg and will end in July. The results will be presented at a workshop to be held at the University in September. Further details will soon be available on the University website www.unian.it.



The results of this project, funded by EU DG Research, will provide detailed information and results of field analyses, with regard to the following questions of relevance for Italian fishery management:

  • identification of the technological innovation introduced and analysis of the impacts on work, both onboard and onshore;

  • analysis of the crew composition, in terms of used professions and professional vacancies;

  • reconstruction and analysis of the legislation regulating work and salaries;

  • analysis of the existing relationship between the technological innovation and the enquired aspects.


All details regarding the workshop will also be communicated to EAFE members. For those that will not be able to participate, but are interested in results of this project, a project summary will be presented in the next issue of the EAFE bulletin. The issue will also contain a complete programme of our Masters in Fishery Economics and Management of Marine Resources, including the required entrance criteria.



Contact Nikolina Jukic Peladic and Roberto Petrocchi on petrocchi@agrecon.unian.it or rackog@yahoo.it for further information.



SDU, Denmark


Carsten Lynge Jensen at the Institute of Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark (formerly DIFER) has been granted the PhD title by completing the thesis "Behavioural Modelling of Fishermen in the EU". The review board comprised of Peder Andersen, Trond Bjørndal and Niels Vestergaard approved the thesis. A copy of the thesis can be obtained by contacting Ulla Oehlenschlager on uho@sam.sdu.dk.



Carsten has now been appointed a researcher at the Centre for Fisheries Economics (SNF) in Bergen, moving from his previous post of assistant professor at the University of Southern Denmark.





Kate Robinson, who you will all no doubt remember for her 'moving' on the dance floor with Erik in Esbjerg, will after 6 years be leaving CEMARE at the end of June. She is taking up a position in the University Economics department as a researcher with the Lever Hume Trust.


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