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January 2001 No. 16
The European Association of Fisheries Economists


FAME - Centre for Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics



FAME has nothing to do with the famous movie about a dance school in the early 1980's. FAME is a network dealing with natural resources and fisheries economics. The network is supported by the Danish Research Council and so far consists of several Danish institutions, including senior researchers. The intention is to get other international institutions and researcher involved in the network. As part of the network, funding for 6 Ph.D. scholarships (3 of which have already been allocated) and 1 post.doc scholarship has been approved. The present, somewhat fragmented, research environment for fisheries and aquaculture economics and management in Denmark has resulted in few incentives for students to enter into this field of study. The present initiative of creating a network of senior researchers/institutions, an international research school, and a critical mass of research scholarships (Ph.D. and Post-Doctorates) aims at changing this development path.


Hence, the purpose of the network is to arrange workshops and Ph.D. courses. Further it intends to facilitate a forum for presenting preliminary work and exploitation of new ideas within the area.


The scholarships are mainly concentrated within three main areas:


1.      Fisheries Economics

            Possible Ph.D. projects within this area are:

        The use of adaptive rules in quota management

        Production functions and the applicability in bio-economic models

        Managing capacity in European fisheries

        Endogenous growth theory and the relation to Hartwick's rule


2.      Fisheries Management

   Possible Ph.D. projects within this area are:

        Design of environmental regulations in a distorted economy (interactions of different regulations)

        Complex regulation: Asymmetric information and strategic behaviour


3.      International Trade and Markets

   Possible Ph.D. projects within this area are:

        Fisheries management and international seafood trade regulation

        The economic consequences of introducing eco-labelling on aquaculture production

        Consequences of changes in market and regulation conditions on local stability and development in the fishery sector


The planning of the workshops and Ph.D. courses is still in progress, but the activities in 2001 will be:


Workshop on Property Rights and Institutional Changes. Guest lecturer: Professor Daniel V. Bromley. Will take place in August 2001.

Ph.D. course on Economic Valuation of Natural Resources. Probably in November 2001.


In 2002-2004 several workshops and Ph.D. courses will be arranged. A tentative list of workshops is as follows:


Sustainability in Fisheries and Aquaculture - model solutions and indices

Production Functions in Fisheries

Liberalization of Markets for Fish

Property Rights and Institutional Changes

Options in European Fisheries Management - cases

Enforcement and Compliance

The Economic Content of New Policy Concepts in Sustainable Fisheries Management, e.g. precautionary approach

Multiple and Conflicting Use Non-market Goods in the Marine Environment (i.e. recreational fisheries)


The tentative list of Ph.D. courses is:


Game Theory and Asymmetric Information

Dynamic Modelling

International Trade


Management Regimes

Multiple Services and Joint Production

Market Research

Social Implication of Policy

International Trade Policy


The Ph.D. courses and workshops are open for all researchers and managers with interest in fishery management and economics. The participation in the courses and workshops is free of change.


Check the website: www.sam.sdu.dk/fame for further background and updated information, or contact Niels Vestergaard on nv@sam.sdu.dk



FAME is one of 4 networks within fisheries research financed by the Danish Research Council. The other networks concern fish biology, fish disease and fish physiology. The 4 networks are united in an overall network called fishnet.dk, which is also the address of the homepage of the network: www.fishnet.dk. Fishnet.dk will arrange seminars on policy issues of broad interest for fish and fishery researchers.



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