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Ragnar Arnason

On Applied Fisheries Economics

Wim Davidse

Fisheries Economics, a useless science?

Hakan Eggert and Ragnar Tveteras

Stochastic production and heterogeneous risk preferences: commercial fisher's gear choices (.pdf file)

Sean Pascoe et al.

Economic versus physical input measures in the analysis of technical efficiency in fisheries

Ines Herrero and Sean Pascoe

Estimation of stock indexes using DEA

Rainer Klepper and Rolf Lasch

Herring - an alternative to decreasing Baltic cod quotas? - model-based analysis of the profitability of herring fishery - Powerpoint                                                                                     

Rolf Willmann and Per Johan Sparre

Bioeconomic analytical model no. 5 (BEAM 5)  

Diana Tingley, Sean Pascoe and Simon Mardle

Trends in capacity utilisation in the English Channel

Fabienne Kervarec and Olivier Thébaud

The impact of microbiological pollution on shellfish-farming in France - an assessment based on the production function method

Juan Maria Hernandez, Carmelo Leon and Eucario Gasca-Leyva

Bioeconomic model for cost minimization in the production of Gilthead Seabream (Sparus Aurata)

Helen Pickering et al.

Choice experiments for quality and sustainability labelling of seafood products: empirical findings from United Kingdom 

Hans Frost and Martin Bay Michelsen

Effects of certification of fish in the Baltic Sea

Kaija Saarni, Jari Setala and Asmo Honkanen

An application of AHP to strategic planning: improvement of quality of fish products

Erwann Charles and Jean Pierre Boude

The theory of conventions and quality hallmarks in small scale fishing - Powerpoint

Stéphane Gouin and Olivier de Carne

Supply structure and price policy of seafood products in the French food retailers

Claudio Sdogati and Roberto Penna

Transnational networking on conversion programmes for fisheries surplus manpower at coastal areas

Laurent Le Grel and Patrice Guillotreau

Price stabilisation and impure markets along the European salmon and whitefish value chains

Jari Setala et al.

Price relationships between domestic salmon, rainbow trout and Norwegian salmon in Finland - will not be published in proceedings

Frank Asche et al.

Moving down the value chain - will not be published in proceedings

Audun Lem and Roberta Brigante

Price interaction in aquaculture and capture fisheries - Powerpoint

Christoph Nordmann

Green Paper on the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy - Link to EU website

Peder Andersen

Turning the trend in EU fishery policy - The Green Paper
    Philip Rodgers The Future of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy and the Future of the European Union's Fisheries: Some Thoughts on the Green Paper

Gregory Valatin

Solving the "tragedy" of the Common Fishery Policy: what role for economic instruments? 

Eleuterio Rodriguez Marino

A Community System of Individual Rights: facing the challenges of the Common Fisheries Policy beyond 2002

Knut Heen

Economic contributions of north Norway marine fisheries

Carsten Lynge Jensen

Estimation of the demand and supply functions for Norwegian salmon in EU

Abdulai Fofana

Socio-economics of fish consumption in the United Kingdom - Powerpoint

Henning Joergensen

Sector interaction on adjustments in fish production and markets

Massimo Del Gatto et al.

On the role of structural aides and tax policies in sea-fishing management, starting from empirical evaluation for Italian fishery (.pdf file)

Asgeir Danielsson

Quota prices and the cost of rationalisation in ITQ fisheries

Nicolas Roncin, Nathalie Caill-Milly and Denis Bailly

Quota-hopping: strategic choices under legal and economic constraints. French and UK cases 

Erik Buisman

Discards management in the EU and Norway

Tadashi Yamamoto

Fundamental difference in fisheries management between the Western countries and Japan - Powerpoint

Julian Frere et al.

Regional socio-economic studies on employment and the level of dependency on fishing in England and Wales

Erik Lindebo

Technological progress and capacity estimations - management implications for the Danish cod trawl fishery - Powerpoint

Juan J. G. del Hoyo,  Ramon T. Jiménez and M. D. Gonzalez Galan

Economic behaviour and fishing exploitation, factors that determines the dynamics of the fishing effort

Luc van Hoof and Pavel Salz

Applying CPUE as management tool - Powerpoint

Jorge Arana, Carmelo J. Leon and Arturo Melian

Bayesian flexible distribution approach to measuring the economic benefits of sport-fishing in Gran Canaria using contingent valuation

Manuel Augusto Lopez

Parametrical relations which define the form of the revenue function of a fishery, according to the demand elasticity

Enrique Pescador and Manuel Augusto Lopez

Profit analysis of the purse seine fishing fleet of the Gulf of Cadiz and consequences of the impossibility to operate in Moroccan waters

Sigbjorn Tveteras

The Norwegian salmon aquaculture and the environment

Steve Cunningham

Fisheries economics and fisheries management: do we need evolution or revolution?

Peter Miyake

Atlantic bluefish tuna research and management (.pdf file) - Powerpoint  (6.3MB) 

Dominique Levieil

Current research under the 5FP and planning the 6FP of the CE and A new framework programe for the European research area 

Ola Flaaten

OECD studies

Pascal Le Floc'h and Jacques Fuchs

Economics of science in fishery sector - the European case

Simon Mardle et al.

The objectives of fisheries management: case studies from the UK, France, Spain and Denmark

Hans Frost and Frank Jensen

Effort management and economic incentives in view of the Danish management system its implementation  and enforcement

Marius van Wijk

Coastal zone management in the Dutch Wadden Sea - Powerpoint

Dominique Rommel

Assessing and managing the effects of implementing technical conservation measure on small fisheries dependent economies. Case study: Shetland - Powerpoint

Atle G. Guttormsen

Faustmann in the sea - optimal rotation time in aquaculture - Powerpoint

Massimo Salzano

Recurrence analysis and fisheries: empirical application

Sébastien Metz and J. A. Perez-Agundez

The European hake depletion: chance or necessity?

Andrew Murray

Supply response under input controls in fisheries

Ralf Doring

The future of the fisheries in the Greifswalder Bodden - will not be published in proceedings

Frederique Alban et al.

Cost and benefits of implementing a marine reserve facing prey-predator interactions


Henning Joergensen et al.

The FAME Program

Evelina Sabatella et al.

The IREPA Monitoring Programme for Data Collection - Powerpoint

Loretta Malvarosa et al.

Regional economic observatory of fisheries in Campania (Italy) - Powerpoint

Georges Le Lec et al.

Regional economic observatory of fisheries in Brittany (France) - will not be published in proceedings


Carl James and Helen Pickering

Fisheries exclusion zones - their use in Europe      

Fernanda Guia

The SALMAR program - ADETTI

J. J. Garcia del Hoyo,  Ramon T. Jiménez and M. D. Gonzalez Galan

Measuring the fishing capacity and standardizing the fishing effort in the Red Bream fishery located in the Strait of Gibraltar

M.D. Gonzalez Galan, J. J. Garcia del Hoyo and Ramon T. Jiménez   

Demand analysis for canned fish in Spain

M. L. Vilchez Lobato, Ines H. Chacon and Juan J. Garcia del Hoyo

Stability and optimal harvest policy in a dynamic model of fishery - Powerpoint

Juan Carlos Suris-Regueiro et al.

Institutional framework and types of regulation in the European Fisheries

Ana Belem Freijeiro-Alvarez et al.

The Spanish market in fishing products

Marcos Dominguez Torreiro et al.

Is the principle of relative stability right? a case study

Maria Cozzolino et al.

EMAS certification on aquaculture

Michele Sacco et al.

Satellite-based vessel monitoring systems

Gianluigi Coppola et al.

The relationship between fleet capacity, landings, and the component parts of fishing effort - Powerpoint