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Abstracts of the IXth Annual Conference of the EAFE 

Quimper April 28-30 1997

Version en Français

Pôle universitaire Pierre Jakez Hélias, Quimper (France)

The EAFE 9th conference is organized by:

The Center of Law and Economics of the Sea of the University of Western Brittany UBO - CEDEM, 12 rue de Kergoat. BP 816. 29285 Brest cedex, France
The Fisheries Science Laboratory of the National Superior Agronomic School of Rennes ENSAR, Laboratoire d'Halieutique. 65 rue de Saint-Brieuc. 35042 Rennes cedex, France

with the support of:

The French Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
The Regional Council of Brittany
The General Council of Finistére
The City of Quimper
The City of Concarneau
The French National Committee of Maritime Fisheries
The Regional Committee of Maritime Fisheries of Brittany
The Local Committee of Maritime Fisheries of Concarneau
The Maritime Mutual Credit bank of Finistére


Please note: the abstracts of the papers presented at the conference are in English and / or in French. The translation of an abstract is normally under the responsibility of the author(s). The titles have been translated by the conference secretariat, except when authors have given both a French and an English version of their abstract.

First session: fisheries management, regulation of access to the resources and conflicts of use

1.0 Keynote speech: Alternatives in fisheries management (P. Copes)
1.1 Scenario analysis: exploring the future of fisheries (E. Buisman, P. Salz)
1.2 The economic case for charging for licenses and quotas (T. Sanderson)
1.3 Does comanagement resolve all our fisheries problems? (P. Failler)
1.4 Mediterranean and Atlantic fisheries management compared (J.W. de Wilde)
1.5 Conflicts of access to the fishery resources in the Normand-Breton Gulf (J.L. Prat, D. Bailly)
1.6 Midwater trawling within the 12 nautical miles area: a recent conflict in the south of the Glenan Islands (P. Le Rhun)
1.7 Commercial exploitation of artificial reefs: economic opportunities and management imperatives; the application of property rights (D. Whitmarsh, H.Pickering)
1.8 Comanagement and the dynamics of fisheries: some issues (C. Rioux)
1.9 On the economics of natural resources: the management of fishery resources (S. Cabrera Yeto)
1.10 Economic evaluation of the demersal Spanish trawl fishery in the Gulf of Lion (R. Franquesa)
1.11 Measuring the economic results of small-scale fisheries: the case of French inshore fishing in the western part of the English Channel (J. Boncoeur, D. Bailly, P. Le Floc'h)
1.12 An application of the fishing economic model "ECOPES" on the Atlantic hake fishery (M. Augusto Lopez Martinez, A.M. Juarez Davila, E. Pescador Canora)
1.13 Modelling the UK component of the English Channel fisheries: an application of multi-objective programming (S. Pascoe, M. Tamiz)
1.14 Bioeconomic management of red swamp crawfish (Procambarus Clarkii) in the presence of environmental externalities (R. Junqueira Lopes, P. Michel, G. Rotillon)
1.15 Individual quotas as a management tool and systemic modelling: an application to the French albacore fishery (O. Guyader)
1.16 Fisher behaviour: exploring the validity of the profit maximizing assumption (Catherine Robinson, Sean Pascoe)
1.17   A method of indicating the comparative dispersion of national fleet revenue in mixed fisheries (Philip Bertram, Philip Rodgers)

Second session: sea products markets

2.1 International trade in tuna commodities: the main players (H. Rasheed Hassan)
2.2 Measuring and characterising intra-European trade of seafood products (P. Bernard)
2.3 The effectiveness of regional trade measures in international commodity markets: the case of farmed atlantic salmon (P. Clay)
2.4 Artisanal fishing in the ACP countries: its possible economic dimension within the framework of North-South relations (M.S. Peña)
2.5 Fish processing in the Netherlands: limitations to growth (M.O. van Wijk)
2.6 Recent evolutions in the fisheries chain in France (C. Mariojouls, K. de Lesquen)
2.7 Total quality of seafood products: the quality of rainbow trout fillets according to wholesalers and retailers (A. Honkanen, P. Mickwicz, M. Juvankovski, J. Setälä)
2.8 Strategies of the fishing industry in the Andaluz Mediterranean Sea: special reference to the strategies of marketing (A. Ruiz Molina)
2.9 Norwegian household's consumption of salmon and other fish products (O. Flaaten, F. Skjolde)
2.10 Finnish consumers fish consumption behaviours (A. Honkanen, J. Setälä, P. Mickwicz)
2.11 The price formation of hake at Pasajes auction (J.P. Boude, J. perez Agundez, A. Nassiri)
2.12 Price flexibility for quota and non-quota species in the UK: a cointegration systems approach (S. Jaffry, S. Pascoe, C. Robinson)
2.13   Storage and viability of a fishery with resource and market dephased seasonalities (C.Béné, L. Doyen)

Third session: aquaculture and fishing activities in the context of coastal management

3.0 Keynote speech: Evaluation of fishing and aquaculture in the context of integrated coastal management in Western North America (D. Fluharty)
3.1 Regional employment impact of fish resource utilization from the Barents Sea (H. Bardarsson, K. Heen)
3.2 South-Brittany facing the changes in the fishing industry (N.Piriou, J.R. Couliou)
3.3 The importance of British fishing ports, 1958 - 1993: a preliminary analysis (C. Reid, J. Slaymaker)
3.4 The economic impact of commercializing recreational fisheries: case study on fishing tourism in the County of Southern Jutland, Denmark (E. Roth, S. Jensen)
3.5 Aquaculture and economic development in Mediterranean islands (P. Paquotte, D. Lacroix)
3.6 Location of aquacultural activities in the Mediterranean area: the case of seabass farming (L. Temri)
3.7     The value of coastal water productivity: the case of oyster farming in Marennes-Oléron (D. Bailly, C. Calliès)

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