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Founded in 1989, the Association's membership (Full Members) consists of economists actively involved in fisheries work within the European Economic Area (EEA). Associate Membership is open to non-economists and to individuals from non-EEA member countries. 


Annual membership costs are as follows:


Individual: 40 EURO

Corporate: 250 EURO (or more)

Student: 15 EURO

Associate: 35 EURO


Click here for a Membership Form
Click here for DANISH residents Membership Form DK


Please contact the Treasurer for further information:


Hans Frost, FOI

Danish Research Institute of Food Economics

Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Tel: (+45) 3528 6893 Fax: (+45) 3528 6801

E-mail: hf@foi.dk 


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