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 Held in Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland on the 7th April 1999



Pavel Salz, President

Aaron Hatcher, Secretary

J. Paul Hillis, Rapporteur


approximately thirty-five Full and Associate Members.


Apologies: Ramon Franquesa, Vice President, and Henning Jørgensen, Treasurer.




1.      President's Report


There had been one Bureau Meeting during the year, immediately prior to this Annual General Meeting, and apart from that, communication by e-mail had proved adequate for discharge of the Bureau's business.


The President drew attention to one serious problem, namely difficulty in maintaining the regular twice-yearly production and appearance of the Bulletin. In 1997, there had only been one issue, after which the editor had given up; Vincenzo Placenti, who had then volunteered to produce it, had then been prevented by illness from achieving this objective.


The President emphasised that we greatly needed this medium for exchange of information. EAFE had now set up a website hosted by LEI, and members were asked to respond to the question as to whether they found the website useful.



2.      Treasurer’s Report


The Treasurer's Report was deferred in the unavoidable absence of the Treasurer. His written report was handed around.



3.      Election of Bureau


The President, Vice-President and Secretary were all eligible for re-election, and it was resolved to permit the Treasurer to serve a further term to avoid the disruption of moving EAFE's Bank Accounts across international frontiers. The Rapporteur retired by rote having served his term, and Ms. Dominique Rommel was proposed by Pavel Salz, seconded by Philip Rodgers and elected. Paul Hillis was appointed Bulletin Editor with Erik Lindebo as Assistant Editor.


The meeting then discussed measured to make the production of the Bulletin easier and more efficient. There should be a push for articles, it should probably be more simple, could include reporting on large numbers of reports of EU-assisted projects frequently reaching completion, and small items concerning meetings. It ought to be supported by other Bureau members, and the EAFE website was also available.


The Editor and Assistant Editor planned to meet with the President and Secretary to discuss the functioning of the editing of the Bulletin during the coming year.



4.      Next Year's Conference


An invitation was conveyed from the Danish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the University of South Jutland to meet in Denmark in 2000, although the exact location was not yet decided.


Copenhagen was considered more accessible, but Esbjerg would be more economical and furthermore was a working fishing port.



5.      Any Other Business


There being no other business, the meeting then closed.