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  Held at the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark on the 13th April 2000



Pavel Salz, President

Dominique Rommel, Rapporteur

Henning Jørgensen, Treasurer

Paul Hillis, outgoing Rapporteur and editor of the bulletin

Erik Lindebo, assistant editor


approximately thirty-five Full and Associate Members.


Apologies: Ramon Franquesa, Vice President, and Aaron Hatcher, Secretary




1.      President's Report


P.Salz informs the audience of the death of Herman Harresma in August. Mr Harresma was an active member of EAFE and the author of many papers. A minute silence was held to commemorate Mr Harresma.


There have been no Bureau Meetings during the year to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Communication by e-mail has proved adequate for discharge of the Bureau's business.


The Bulletin appeared, thanks to the efforts of Erik Lindebo and Paul Hillis. The President emphasises that we greatly need this medium for the exchange of information. EAFE now has a website hosted by LEI. The website has been more work than expected. The name www.eafe.org has been reserved and could be activated after payment of 250 Euro. The AGM agrees to this expense.


There are no questions from the members.



2.      Adoption of the Minutes of the AGM held in 1999


There are no objections and therefore the minutes are adopted.



3.      Matters arising of the 1999 AGM minutes


There are no matters arising.



4.      Treasurer’s Report


The Treasurer hands around the balance sheet. He notes that the assets are increasing and no costs have been incurred. There is a slight drop in membership fees. The membership numbers are affected by late payment of fees by the members, as happens every year. A total of around 90 members is expected once everyone has paid.


P.Hillis expresses concern about this drop in membership fees of around 15 %.

Hans Frost proposes that an analysis be made of the non-payers. The rates are set at 40 Euro for a standard membership, 35 € for an associate membership and 15 € for students. Corporate members pay 200 € (or more).


P.Hillis proposes that all members obtain corporate membership from their institute.

Phil Rodgers asks which privileges corporate membership brings. This would be a matter for the Bureau to clarify. Could corporate members for example send two participants to the conference, with voting right at the AGM?


P.Hillis also suggests that corporate members should receive 5 copies of the Bulletin.

P.Salz clarifies that the main purpose of corporate membership is to benefit from the promotion by EAFE of scientific research. He proposes that the question be further addressed by the new Bureau, to be elected at this AGM.


P.Salz suggests contacting former corporate members to offer them a possible new membership package.



5.      Election of Officers


Upon proposal of P.Salz, it was resolved to permit the present Treasurer, Henning Jørgensen, to serve a further term to avoid the disruption of moving EAFE's Bank Accounts across international frontiers.


Dominique Rommel, who was elected in 1999, remains as Rapporteur.


Paul Hillis retired as Bulletin Editor. The Bureau thanked Paul for his excellent work. Erik Lindebo, former Assistant Editor, was elected as Editor, with Carl James as co-Editor.


The President, Vice-President and Secretary all retired, having served their term. On behalf of the Bureau, Pavel Salz proposed to elect the following officers:


President: Jørgen Løkkegaard (SJFI, Denmark)

This motion was seconded by Vincenzo Placenti.


Vice-President: Vincenzo Placenti (IREPA, Italy)

This motion was seconded by Phil Rodgers.


Secretary: Helen Pickering (CEMARE, UK)

This motion was seconded by Eva Roth.


All candidates were elected unanimously.


Hans Frost thanks the members on behalf of the new President, Jørgen Løkkegaard who cannot attend the AGM, for which he apologises.



6.      Next Year's AGM and Conference Venue


V. Placenti proposes to organise the next conference in Salerno, Italy. He would like to change the date to the end of April 2001, in order to avoid conflicts with university exams.

This venue and date are accepted.



7.      Any Other Business


Erik Lindebo presents a report on the Bulletin. Its main purpose is to promote co-operation between institutes. Issues are planned in May and in December. They will also be available on the website. Erik appeals for contributions and articles from the members.


Pavel welcomes the new members to EAFE and to the conference.


As there is no other business, the AGM closes.



D. Rommel, April 2000