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Proceedings of the VIIth Annual Conference of the EAFE
Portsmouth 10-12 April 1995

University of Portsmouth
Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources
Locksway Road
Portsmouth PO4 8JF
United Kingdom



Foreword by the President of EAFE
Conference address by the Fisheries Secretary, MAFF
Session 1: Production functions
Measuring changes over time in the average efficiency of fishing fleets, Robinson, C. & Pascoe, S.
Another economist's problems with fishing effort, Rodgers, P.
Flatfish 2.0a: a spatial bioeconomic simulation model for plaice and sole, Dol, W.
Heures: a bioeconomic model for management based on the control of effort, Franquesa, R.
Session 2: The fishing industry
Internationalisation strategies of Japan's overseas fishing industry, Bourguignon, G.
Producers' organizations in the UK fishing industry, Hatcher, A., Holland, P., Cunningham, S., Young, J., Smith, A. & Muir, J.
Economic results of the French industrial fleet: elements of explanation, Daures, F., Le Floc'h, P. & Boude, J.P.
The role of innovations in the South Brittany trawl sector Le Floc'h, P., Daures, F. & Boude, J.P.
Economic effects of closing areas of the North Sea for the Dutch near water fisheries Smit, W.
An attitude survey of the Shetland Fish Producers' Organization Ltd, Young, J.A., Smith, A.P. & Muir, J.F.
Past declines and future hopes in Irish Sea fisheries: economic and biological issues Hillis, J.P.
Session 3: Valuing the marine environment and managing the coastal zone
Keynote: Valuing the marine environment, Radford, A.
Integrating fisheries into coastal area management Cunningham, S.
Rational decision-making in the coastal zone: the significance of the economic evaluation of recreational fisheries Hobson, J. & Potten, S.
Fisheries: is planning of relevance? Taussik, J.
Session 4: Aquaculture and stock enhancement
Keynote: Aquaculture, economics and development: European perspective Muir, J.F., Young, J.A. & Smith, A.P.
Economic appraisal of artificial reefs: a case-study Whitmarsh, D. & Pickering, H.
Session 5: Institutional and management measures
Fishery regulations and the creation of property rights: the Dutch case Davidse, W.P.
The imperative of institutional reform: alternative models and the UK fishing industry Symes, D. & Phillipson, J.
Multidisciplinary evaluation of fishery management measures Salz, P. & de Wilde, J.W.
Management alternatives for a recovery of fishing activity: the case of scallop fishing in the Bay of Brest (France) Boncoeur, J. & Guyader, O.


© First published February 1996 by the University of Portsmouth, ISBN 1-86137-013-X

For bibliographic purposes this publication may be cited as: Proceedings of the VIIth Annual Conference of the European Association of Fisheries Economists, Portsmouth, UK, 10-12 April 1995. CEMARE Miscellaneous Publication no.33. 1996. iv+283p.

These Proceedings were produced with considerable assistance from Joan Baron and Sean Pascoe, to whom thanks are due.

Aaron Hatcher
Conference Organiser

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