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The VIIth Annual Conference of the European Association of Fisheries Economist (EAFE) was held in Portsmouth from 10-12 April 1995 and was hosted by the University of Portsmouth's Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources (CEMARE).

The Conference opened with a session on Production Functions, and this was followed by another on organisational aspects of The Fishing Industry. The Institutional and Management Measures session again attracted a variety of contributions. An innovative area was covered by a session which considered Valuing the Marine Environment and Managing the Coastal Zone. Looking to the future, there was a session on Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement.

The quality and range of papers presented at the Conference and published in these Proceedings reflect the remarkable growth in EAFE since its inauguration in Brussels in 1989. They show the wide range of research being carried out into fisheries economics throughout Europe and highlight some of the controversies stimulating discussion among those involved in fisheries research. These proceedings, necessarily, are unable to indicate the debate that was generated both during and outside the formal Conference Sessions.

We were especially pleased at the attendance of Stephen Wentworth, the Fisheries Secretary at the UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food (MAFF), who welcomed delegates to Britain on behalf of the Government Fisheries Minister, and Alan Radford and James Muir who gave keynote addresses. I should like to express my thanks and those of EAFE to the sponsors of the Conference, who included the University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth City Council, The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and EMAP Business Communications (publishers of Fishing News and Fishing News International). Special thanks are also due to MAFF for their support and interest.


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