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January 2001 No. 16

The European Association of Fisheries Economists









Welcome to another New Year. This bulletin comes round quicker every time, and we never seem to struggle to fill it!!


The work of our group has continued to be very productive as well as global. After a successful EAFE conference in Esbjerg and a strong European representation at the IIFET conference in Oregon, the Economic Incentives and Concerted Action programmes have continued to bring large groups of fisheries economists together, as well as the many multi-national projects.


Our working relationship with DG Fisheries has been strengthened and our President will seek to further improve relations in the coming year. We all have a role to play to encourage this process along. The strong representation of DG Fisheries in Esbjerg supports our belief that our economic advice does play an important role in the future management of European fisheries.


Our EAFE website has been a great medium for acquiring details of our Association and its members. The website has now been given an international domain name (www.eafe-fish.org) and SJFI in Denmark has taken over the responsibility for its maintenance. Possible changes to the site will be proposed, to include even more information and to make it more interactive and user-friendly. The Bureau also plans to address the future role of the Bulletin and its distribution. You will all be notified of any changes. Please forward any ideas for the website to erik@sjfi.dk.


The use of e-mail is now the most frequently used mode of communication and it is hence up to all of us to notify the EAFE of changes to our e-mail addresses. All current e-mail addresses of EAFE members are available on the website. 


Your Bulletin editorial duo would like to wish you all the best for 2001. We look forward to seeing you in Salerno!!


Erik Lindebo and Carl James




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