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July 2000 No. 15
The European Association of Fisheries Economists








Here we are again! After the last EAFE conference in April a new editorial team has been established. Paul Hillis, the previous Editor in charge, has 'retired' from his position. I use this term loosely since I know that Paul will continue his active role in EAFE in the years to come. I have now taken over the responsibility of the editorship and Carl James (an old friend from Portsmouth University) has kindly accepted to join me. With your assistance we hope to produce a biannual bulletin that is bigger and better than ever before. Its success will ultimately depend on your feedback and we hope that you will be as willing as we are to put a few minutes aside to inform us of interesting developments in your part of the world. We are open to comments or suggestionsofimprovements so please do not hesitate to contact us. Now let us get down to business!!


Erik Lindebo



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